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This registration form is for administrators, rescues and sheltering organizations only. Do not fill out this form if you are an adopter or foster caregiver. To download the Maddie's Pet Assistant app, please go to Google Play or the App Store on your smartphone.

If you register for automatic import, please expect this to take 1-5 business days. Once your data is imported, your organization’s MPA account is live and communications will be sent to end users (e.g., adopters and/or foster caregivers) automatically.

Data can only be automatically imported into the app from PetPoint or Animal Shelter Manager or Shelterluv shelter management software at this time. We will let you know if and when Maddie's Pet Assistant becomes compatible with additional systems.
Please check this box if you are interested in manually entering your pets’, adopters’ and/or foster caregivers’ data into Maddie's Pet Assistant.
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